Wireless Pacific™ – When It Matters

Wireless Pacific are the inventors of the globally acclaimed X10DR new age Digital Vehicular Repeater. We deliver world-class mission critical performance to two way radio distributors,  government and corporate entities globally. Since our inception in 2002 we have focused on providing specialist knowledgeable and independent advice on the right two way radio solution for Government and Corporate users.  Since their initial introduction in 2012, X10DR Digital Vehicular Repeaters are now in mainstream use by Fire, Ambulance, Police, Electrical Utilities, Roads, Forestry and many other Government and large Corporate organisations throughout the world. Designed initially for Casino personnel, the iTRQ™ Advanced Premium Ear Microphone with replaceable personal issue earpieces has set the industry benchmark for comfort and occupational safety and healtn compliance.

Channel Partners

channel partners

Wireless Pacific is passionate about creating and delivering competitive best in class supply chain managed solutions for Radio Manufacturers, Master Distributors and professional two way radio channel partners globally. Innovative solutions and accessories that truly enhance their existing radio product portfolios to create greater variety, choice and value with their customers.

Ultimate Users

We help organisations create greater team synergy via proven, reliable, cost effective, radio communication technology. We never lose sight that the right radio communications solution is absolutely vital in securing your organizational objectives. We constantly focus on how to deliver a better wireless solution. Wireless specific solutions that deliver true effective operational responsiveness always with uncompromising user safety.

Innovative Creations

Our mission is to create new and inspiring products the address the sometimes significant operational holes in todays mainstream radio offerings. We invented X10DR®, the first real affordable out of vehicle communications solution  that simply works. RDX Pico™ P25 Suitcase Repeaters set the standard for tactical response rapid deployment. iTRQ™ Advanced Ear Microphone revolutionized portable radio accessory hygiene with personal issue of replaceable earpieces.

Case Studies

Learn how Wireless Pacific has delivered proven, cost effective, radio communication solutions acrossthe globe.